Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the retaining nut and disconnect the two. Clip a clothespin or small clamp on the hose to keep it from snaking back down the spout. Fig 1. Loosen the nut at the top near the faucet, NOT the sprayer and with the hose loosened twist it away from the drain. I cannot get the sprayed hose out of the body of the faucet. Now re-tighten the nut by the faucet. You can lift them out with a pencil or an Allen wrench. The vinegar doesn't really go into the part which is stuck. First, identify the style of your quick connect hose. In that case, there’s a problem with the faucet or supply lines. Wipe inside of body with a soft cloth, including where seats and springs sit. Step 4: Disconnect from Faucet Stem. Step 5: Disconnect From Faucet Head. The pull out kitchen faucet will be connected to the faucet stem underneath the sink. The sprayer hose has a circular 'cast' to it. $15.99 $ 15. I don't know what to do and this bugs me a lot!! To remove an aerator at the base of the spray head, pull out the spray head, anchor the hose with a clothespin or small clamp so it doesn't retract, then unscrew the head, which you can usually do by hand. With the use of the slip joint pliers, remove the hose from the faucet head. Gently pull the wand (#1) out from the faucet body (#4) as far as the hose (#3) will allow. The aerator is either inside the hose connector or in the spray head, and you can pry it out with a flat-head screwdriver. Push the black nylon hose into the white connector. It's supposed to pull out but it won't. If your kitchen sink features a single handle pull down handle, a solution to the problem can be found with a few simple steps. Couldn't get the hose off, came inside, watched a video of someone sawing it off and then when he went to turn the connector with the pliers, I realized I was turning mine the wrong way. Methods to Fix a Kitchen Sink Sprayer Stuck on Spray Mode Single Handle Pull Down/Out Handle. See the steps below for disconnecting your pull-out kitchen faucet quick connect hose. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. First, let's identify your product to get to the right replacement hose - just click on "kitchen" on the menu at the top of the page to get to our catalog search and select Pull-Out or Pull-Down kitchen faucets, whichever applies to you, and this will bring up our catalog of products. With pliers hold the metal coupling at the end of the hose (#3), … ... We purchased a Kohler pull out kitchen faucet and one of the supply hoses has a defective nut/tightener. If unhooked from both ends and thrown onto the floor it would lay in a circular form. My aunt suggested using vinegar to try to dissolve any buildup/minerals which may be the source of it being stuck. 159560 Replacement Hose Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucet Hose Replacement, Moen Pull Out Faucet Hose by Awelife. Pull the spray head down and unscrew it from the hose. I moved into a condo recently and the pull out faucet won't come out at all. If water flows from the hose when you turn on the faucet, then you know the problem is in the spray head—unless the flow is still weak. I've tried looking up how to fix it but I've found nothing. Copper Tube with White Plastic Connector (Collet) Inside of Tube (Fig 1). 4.2 out of 5 stars 328. This is a tutorial how to disassemble and clean a Moen pull out faucet without losing your mind! Start by removing the sprayer (Photo 1). FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Other options New and used from $11.33. Needed to pull the hose off to put an insulated faucet cover on my spiggots since we're expecting some snow over the next few days here in Washington. Place new seats over new springs (RP4993) and insert into sockets in body using a pencil or an Allen wrench. Hold the bottom of the connector in while pulling down on the black hose. Step 1 – Remove the Spray Head. To prevent the hose (#1) from accidentally retracting back into the faucet body (#4), tie a cloth around the hose (#3). Replacing the valve body with hose assembly for my Kohler Vinnata Model # K-690. ! Remove seats and springs. 99.

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