Saved by Anita. Often the food we feed our dogs is not doing them justice. Address 421 Talbot Street WAylmer, Ontario N5H 1K8 Contact E: T: 519.773.3911 F: 519.773.8468 Note: Large animal on-call services are available for FARM client only. 16 Safe Essential Oils for Dogs. Nourish their skin, joints, and digestion with Wild Earth Dog Supplements. Additionally, puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs, toy dogs or pregnant dogs will be even more sensitive and require extra care. For those who plan to use essential oils safely around their dogs or are looking for products containing safe oils, the following is a list of oils that are generally considered safe to use around dogs. It's interesting; tea tree oil can clear up so many symptoms for humans. Diffusers work for pets in the same way they work for us. What we may think is a mild scent may be overpowering to a dog or cat. So when you are diluting your mixture, consider the size of your dog. Saved by Anita. You want to make sure you are getting a pure, therapeutic grade oil that does not contain any additives, synthetics or artificial ingredients and are grown without exposure to pesticides and toxins. Quality is key! The list above is a good starter list. As for dogs, you don't want to expose them to the detriments of this oil. Here are the primary offenders: Unfortunately, this rules out a lot of our favorite clean-feeling household scents. Ylang ylang is fine. Great carriers include coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil. Learn about Wild Earth's dog supplements. Again, pay close attention to how your dog acts with the new aroma. Using a water diffuser in your house is a great option just pay close attention to your pet to see how they react to dogs and cats have a much better sense of smell than we do. Chances are, your sidekick will be just fine. It is important to seek help from a veterinarian if your dog’s skin has been exposed to citrus oil or if it has been accidentally ingested. How to Diffuse Pet Safe Essential Oils. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season! … You might consider offering him or her a little chamomile oil. Interestingly, ginger may also help them with some of their joint pain. Let's start with frankincense; this oil takes aim at the health and immunity of their cells. Nourish their skin, joints, and digestion with Wild Earth Dog Supplements. While there's a healthy list of essential oils that can benefit our beloved pups in a multitude of ways, unfortunately, there's also a long list of oils that are absolute toxins when they enter their systems. It also contains superfoods like chickpeas, sweet potato, oats, and blueberries so your dog can thrive! Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you and your furry family members again! Now for myrrh. It’s filled with artificial flavors, low-quality protein sources, and not enough fiber. For information about different safe ways to use essential oils on dogs, and how much to dilute essential oils for dogs, access this page. Sometimes our adorable kitties can be a little smelly, especially around the litter box. This oil is noted to help pups who are dealing with skin irritations. Animals are generally more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. Here are 16 essential oils that are generally safe and useful for dogs. Even “green” cleaners can contain toxic ingredients, so be sure to read labels carefully. - Your dedicated team at Aylmer Veterinary Clinic. Remember that these are just the basics and just like us each animal is different; what may not bother one pet can affect another, especially if your pet has any underlying medical conditions. As an avid user of essential oils myself, I wanted to share a few tips for using essential oils safely around our furry friends. It is safe to diffuse ANY doterra oils as long as your dog can leave the room if they dont like it. Your dog deserves optimal health! There are also certain essential oils that should not be used for or around dogs including anise, clove, garlic, horseradish, juniper, thyme, wintergreen, and yarrow. List of Essential Oils that are Safe for Cats Humans have a much higher tolerance for phenol in essential oils, though they are typically recommended for use at a dilution of 1%. Essential oils should never be left out or open when there are pets in the house. This creates a 0.25% dilution, keeping things in a safe range. Your dog may vomit, experience lethargy, or even go through the horrors of a seizure. There are plenty of poisons out there in nature. Before breaking out the essential oils, try changing your dog's nutrition. Below, brush up on the differences between phenol-based and water-based oils, and make sure your favorite essential is safe for use around your cat. When we use them in our homes, we tend to just drop in the oil and go about our business. Yes! Nature always knows best. 5 Safest Essential Oils to Use for Dogs and Cats. Below, we've listed some of the essential oils that consistently make the cut as safe oils for our dogs. Ylang ylang has a beautiful scent. Much like us, the healthier your dog’s lifestyle, the more likely they’ll be able to fight off any disease or infection. This includes vaccines, wellness exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spays and neuters, dental services, and more! While it may be fine for us to smell essential oils right out of the bottle or apply them directly to our skin, animals are more sensitive. Diffusion is the safest and most tolerated form of dispensing essential oils around cats. Since this list isn't exhaustive, how will you know if you've exposed your pup to a harmful toxin? We've also outlined the major offenders, and included a simple summary of how to administer essential oils. Finally, don't forget what we already know about dogs' sniffers. Reply. She was my 13-year-old beagle I had loved since I was 8 years old. At its core, there’s an unhealthy meat dependency in pet food. Just like some hot ginger tea can clear out our respiratory tracts or soothe our stomachs, the same can be said for dogs. If she seems uncomfortable, use fewer drops or do away with the diffusing entirely. Everyone knows the old adage “you get what you pay for”; well this is definitely true when dealing with essential oils. If, however, you've been applying a harmful oil topically to them for extended periods of time or constantly running a hazardous oil through the diffuser, you may be poisoning them. Keep in mind that cats and dogs are much more sensitive to scents – a dog’s sense of smell is somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than ours! Do not put more than 4 drops of essential oils in the water reservoir. I have been diffusing the Serenity blend but see it contains ylang ylang which is on the NO list for dogs. Our food is full of beta-glucans, a powerful digestive fiber that helps to fight off disease and increase immunity. Most of the time, meat in your pet food means: Bad ingredients. Simply add one to two drops of essential oil to a water-based diffuser. Diffusing essential oils around pets may cause or worsen respiratory or liver problems in certain cats and other pets, so use them with caution. Make sure they have excellent reviews and produce top-quality, organic oils. In a diffuser, add 3 to 5 drops of essential oils, ensuring that you don’t exceed the dilution guidelines discussed earlier in this article. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center wants you to know all the facts about these products, and what you can do to keep your pets safe! If your pup appears to be unphased by it, then proceed (with a careful eye) in your administration. It can be used to tame the onslaught of anxiety and car sickness. A cat’s liver is different, as it … It can make breathing difficult for them, create a general sense of weakness, and, again, force them to vomit the toxin out of their system. You'll often find that our go-to essential oils serve more than one main purpose, which is quite the natural blessing. A list of doTerra Essential Oils safe to diffuse with dogs and cats around. Tips for safely diffusing around dogs: Begin by diffusing a few drops in an open area where the family congregates and your canine likes to relax. Our food is full of beta-glucans, a powerful digestive fiber that helps to fight off disease and increase immunity. Here's the most important point: never apply an undiluted essential oil straight to your pet's skin. How to Diffuse Essential Oils Around Cats. I never thought I’d have another dog again. Some essential oils are toxic to all pets, or only some dog breeds, or species such as cats, rabbits, birds, aquarium fish and other small animals. Veterinarians don’t recommend it either. Now that you know what the best essential oils for rabbits are, here are some great ways you can safely use them to take care of your rabbits: For bad odor – Diffuse lavender essential oil. Still, peppermint can help support their respiratory systems and return clearer breathing to their horizons. If you use a diffuser, keep them o… According to vets, it is NOT safe to use essential oils around dogs like cinnamon, wintergreen, tea tree, pine, ylang ylang, citrus fruits, and pennyroyal. No. But before you do that, be sure you know what scents are safe for cats so you and your fur baby can enjoy a long, healthy life together. For a full list of essential oils not safe for rabbits, please see: Never Use These Essential Oils for Pets How to Use Essential Oils for Rabbits . Dogs have a much keener sense of smell than humans and can be overwhelmed if … Our beloved sidekicks can experience similar calming effects from chamomile, too. When essential oils are actively diffused, tiny little oil droplets are inhaled and enter the lungs. In April of 2018, I lost my best friend, Becky. Essential Oils: Safe Use Around Pets. So, be sure to go light and easy, even if they're veteran lavender lovers. Why do dogs need supplements? Healing in our Homes says. We’d love to meet them! You’ll want to diffuse in small doses—small amounts of oil for shorter periods of time—to help your darling Daisy get used to the scent. It’s best to heavily dilute essential oils and use them in moderation. To ensure you have adequate supplies for the holiday season. 3. We are all aware of the concerns and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. You can apply them topically or administer them through a diffuser. The Doterra brand oils are high-quality that are safe to use as well. First of all, don't panic if you let the diffuser run on a toxic oil once, for a short amount of time. When diluting, keep in mind that the pet’s size is a significant factor to take into consideration; a safe dilution for a large dog will not necessarily be safe for a smaller dog, and the same applies to other species. If you have young children and/or small sensitive dogs in the house, it is better to diffuse cedarwood instead (together with a calming oil such as lavender and maybe sweet orange). It can help them if they're experiencing certain digestive problems; it can also help them breathe a little easier. Bad practices. A nice, gentle massage during application can set things in motion nicely. Have you recently noticed there have been several articles and Facebook posts popping up about essential oil toxicity in pets, so naturally, we have had many people asking us “Are essential oils safe to use if I have animals?” Essential oils can be used safely around your pets but they do metabolize oils differently so some extra precautions need to be taken. When administered safely, it's wonderful to know we're helping our beloved sidekicks in a natural, holistic way. We don’t recommend using an essential oil diffuser with cats, rabbits, birds, fish and other small animals close by. It joins others such as clove, cinnamon, thyme, oregano, wintergreen, lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil that are harmful to these pets. The best thing we can do for our dogs is give them the best food to help them flourish. Everything in moderation. They're safe, lightly-scented oils that help deliver the oil safely to your dog's skin. However, this oil does nothing more than make our fine friends loopy. Dogs can be plagued with seasonal allergies, just like us. February 16, 2018. Using a water diffuser in your house is a great option just pay close attention to your pet to see how they react to dogs and cats have a much better sense of smell than we do. In the absence of a reaction, it is said to be safe to proceed with normal application of the diluted Essential Oil. We hope this has helped you understand what essential oils are safe for dogs. Conduct a patch test before you begin a regimen. Wild Earth is a Vet-developed food that is a high protein, high fiber source of complete nutrition. If you notice your little one sneezing more often, it may be time to consider what kind of an impact this year's allergy season is having on them. It also contains, superfoods like chickpeas, sweet potato, oats, and blueberries. Is diffusing essential oils safe for pets? Scents that are enjoyable for us may be overwhelming or irritating for them to make sure your pets are able to leave the area. And bad health. This is where carrier oils come in. Together, let's put on our white lab coats and explore new ways to provide tender, loving care to our best friends. Before you begin, it's important to ask yourself what essential oils are safe for dogs. If you use any of these essential oils for your own health, make sure you also exercise caution around your pets. In lieu of an anti-anxiety drug, what if a little lavender could go a long way? There are loads of different breeds of dog and they come in all shapes and sizes. The answer is complicated by the varying tolerance levels of each species or breed. However, when using them as a pet aid, only run the diffuser for ten minutes. You'll keep noticing the similarities between human and pet benefits to most of these essential oils. The following oils are safe to use on dogs. Do not use it around eyes, nose, genitals or ears; Just in case of any adverse effect, see the vet immediately and seek medical attention. Essential oils and oil diffusers have been causing a stir online with recent reports concerning pets’ safety around these popular household products. 308. Even if they're on the list of essential oils safe for dogs, an undiluted oil can make them sick. At worst, they may vomit to clear their system of any harm. She was my whole world, and when she passed away, my heart was empty for a long time. Diffusing oils around your dog is fine in my experience. Visit our Must Know New Pet Owner Information page for useful resources and helpful recommendations for new pet owners. This essential oil is void of phenol and thus certified safe to diffuse around cats. As society as a whole continues to say no to drugs and explore holistic healing opportunities, why not extend the benefits to our beloved pups? They're way more powerful than ours. Essential oils are used in flavorings, perfumes, and aromatherapy. These essential oils can trigger a range of issues from allergies and skin sensitivities to interference in their natural body processes. Eíther way, try to keep in mind a few basics. Their sense of smell is astronomically stronger than ours, so scents (even natural ones) can have an adverse effect on them. We can't even do the math on how much of an impact that has on their sense of smell. While aromatherapy done through an essential oil diffuser will typically not cause levels of concentration high enough to harm your dog, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Frankincense and myrrh date back so far in history, it's no wonder they make the list of safe essential oils for our dogs. Your dog deserves optimal health! Lavender: Safest of all essential oils, it can be used neat (undiluted) or diluted with a carrier oil. – When trying to determine what essential oils are safe for dogs, be sure to only seek out 100 percent pure, unadulterated oils. It can also support their digestive tracts if a bit of stress is causing an upset stomach. BEFORE YOU GO on about your day, ask yourself: Is the dog food you're feeding your best friend really the best food out there? To dilute your essential oil, aim for one drop of essential oil for every tablespoon and a half of carrier oil. Just because something says it's "natural," doesn't mean it's healthy. Here are Some Essential Oils that are Safe to Diffuse around Cats Some of these essential oils are void of the organic compound phenol and if any is however present, then it must have reduced in terms of its concentration to a level where it is bearable for cats.. Cedarwood Essential Oil. Dogs’ noses are much more powerful than ours, so consider that if you use or diffuse essential oils in your home. Thank you for your cooperation and patience in these matters. The common safe oils to diffuse are chamomile, clary sage, cedarwood, marjoram, and myrrh oil. Apply a dime-sized amount and keep an eye on the area for about 15 minutes. Learn about Wild Earth's dog supplements. If you choose to diffuse essential oils with dogs in the house, do so only for short periods of time and in a room where the dogs do not have direct exposure. There are two basic types of diffusion: passive and mechanical. Myrrh has an antiseptic quality (as well as astringent properties), making it a great cleanser. When ingested by a dog, it metabolizes in the dog’s liver and causes toxicity, poisoning, liver failure or liver damage. In the same way we look for holistic aids, our beloved companions can also boost their immunity and soothe aches and pains in a natural way. Then, let the air clear for about 30 minutes. If you are using essential oils specifically for your pets and are applying them onto their skin you should use a carrier oil (liquid coconut oil or olive oil work well) to dilute and slow down the absorption of the oil. We’ve created a veterinarian-developed, science-backed family of supplements to provide support in the areas your dog needs it most. While I can’t comment on specific breeds of dogs, here are some general rules to take note of: Use a lot less oil around much smaller dogs. Essential Oils Safe for Dogs. Ensure the room has adequate ventilation and the … One of the nicest ways to apply this essential oil is by applying it to your furbaby's ear fur. Learn how changing your dog's diet can help with common health ailments. You know what that means; you may be forced to clean up vomit or diarrhea in the corner. WAIT! Do not use essential oils on and around cats or dogs under 8 weeks old because they are developing at fast rates; it is easy to mess up the proper dilution for each breed. Symptoms can range from minor side effects like skin irritation or vomiting, to major complications like depression or paralysis of the rear legs. January 14, 2020 at 4:59 pm. Speaking of relaxation and collectedness, lavender is another great alternative for a stressed-out pup. 2. If they seem to be acting a little differently in, say, doggie daycare, you might want to consider beefing up their immunity with a little frankincense. Select the size and frequency that's right for you, is a Vet-developed food that is a high protein, high fiber source of, . Cinnamon and pine: the two go hand in hand in the cooler months of the year, but not for our pups. But, the horrors of pine go even further, with cases of liver damage and central nervous system damage. All without the use of animal ingredients. Please stay healthy and thank you for helping us be diligent for everyone's safety.  As we have heard from all levels of government, the situation is fluid and any updates will be provided as changes occur. It's possible that, when applied regularly, it can help clear up patches of irritated skin. WE CAN NOW SEE ALL CASES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Peppermint should only be used in a diffuser and in low amounts. 1. A list of doTerra Essential Oils safe to diffuse with dogs and cats around. These are the diffusers with a water reservoir, to which the oil is added. Carrot Seed (Daucus carota)–Should avoid with pregnant dogs; Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica or Juniperus virginiana) If used on dogs topically, essential oils must be diluted to be safe. Here are some wonderful remedies for common ailments our dogs can face: Few things in life beat a prime seat on the sofa, a soft blanket, and a cup of chamomile tea. As for cats, the essential oils that aren’t safe to use are eucalyptus, clove, lavender, spruce, cassia, lemon, birch, and more. 1. … With a passive diffusion the essential oils diffuse into the air on their own. Here are some of the symptoms of essential oil poisoning: If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to immediately rush your dog off to the emergency veterinary clinic. For cats in particular, you need to be careful about what oils you use on them or expose them to because cats do not metabolize things the same way as dogs (or humans). What Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs? #natural #bestfriend #doterra #noharm #essentialoils #dog #cat. Pine tends to be both a skin and stomach irritant. Have you welcomed a new furry family member to your home? The essential oils not safe for dogs are garlic, clover, oregano, rosemary, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oil. Is this blend safe to diffuse around them? Peppermint can also be used to ease aches and pains in their joints, making it another one of those lovely, dual-purpose oils. Contact with certain essential oils should be avoided and used with caution in diffusers due to their chemical properties. In the same way we look for holistic aids, our beloved companions can also boost their immunity and soothe aches and pains in a … There are two common ways to administer essential oils. While we have about six million olfactory receptors in our noses, dogs can have up to 300 million! If you’re ever uncertain, it is always best to check with your veterinarian before using essential oils that may come into contact with your pet. Due to the close public contact that our work requires, we have taken necessary measures to protect our clients, our team and work hard to ensure we can continue to provide excellent care for our patients. 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